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THE MISSION of the Movement

Black people are sick and tired of being ignored, lied to and disappointed by elected officials.  Black people are tired of their votes being taken for granted, tired of being made to feel guilty for not trusting in the "democratic process" and tired of being made to feel ashamed for not voting at all.  


Voting is a right but in order to encourage black people to exercise their right, they need sound reasoning.  False promises and hopes of a bright future have no merit.  No more will elected officials and candidates have the votes of black people without accountability.  WITHHOLD THE VOTE is holding elected officials and candidates accountable.  

WITHHOLD THE VOTE is a data driven approach that tracks, monitors and analyzes legislation.  This data driven approach holds elected officials accountable to not just what they say but what they do.  Elected officials must initiate and/or support policy to advance the lives of black people and if they don't, we will WITHHOLD THE VOTE.  No more will we allow candidates and elected officials to "fly under the radar" and "skate by".  WITHHOLD THE VOTE will be holding them accountable and following their actions every step of the way. 


WITHHOLD THE VOTE, along with its advocates and allies will be watching elected officials and candidates state-to-state and nationally.  WITHHOLD THE VOTE will be monitoring legislation and initiating Call-To-Actions.  If you are interested in helping, please,  JOIN US...


There is a lot of work to do!...


THE INCITE of a Movement

WITHHOLD THE VOTE was started by Tamara Johnson-Shealey.  Tamara ran as a Democratic Candidate for the Georgia State Senate in 2014, 2016 and 2018 in a majority white and historically Republican district.  With each race, Tamara garnered support and was closer to a victory.  Poised to win in 2018, Sally Harrell, another Democrat, used her white privilege in the district against Tamara clinching the 2018 Primary Election.

In the 2018 General Election, Sally made no specific promises to black people and road the coattail of the widely popular, black Gubernatorial Candidate, Stacey Abrams.  Black people voted in record numbers in Georgia's 2018 General Election and voted down ballot for Democratic Candidates.  Sally clinched the victory in the 2018 General Election with no accountability.

Down but not defeated, Tamara started WITHHOLD THE VOTE to hold elected officials in Georgia accountable and has since found others working to hold their elected official accountable too...  

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